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TurnOn Tracker is a social team platform for managing customer relationships. It's built for individuals and teams who believe that connection is an important bottom line.

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How Can TurnOn Tracker Help You?

We provide a social CRM that lets you connect with your customers and lets your team connect

It saves you time and energy

TurnON Tracker has advanced search and communication tools. It lets you track your leads, events, and sales.

Unlike most CRMs, TurnON Tracker makes it super-easy to access the information that you want in order to target your leads.

Rather than wading through unwieldy reports, you can just use TurnON Tracker’s searchable tag function to easily bring up targeted lists of leads who share specific attributes that you’ve designated as important.

You’ll never sweat about inputting lead information from your events again. TurnON Tracker comes complete with an event registration kiosk function so your leads enter their own information directly into the system.

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It gets you excited

Unlike CRMs like Salesforce that are so clunky and technical you have to be trained to use them, TurnON Tracker is simple-to-understand, intuitive, user friendly, and designed to pump you up. If you know how to use Facebook, you can use TurnON Tracker.

When you log in, you’re immediately presented with a timeline. Your whole team sees the same timeline. You’re able to see all the activity that’s happening immediately: sales that were made, new leads that came in through an event, what touches have happened with which leads. This means that from the minute you log in, you know exactly what’s happening on the team.

It’s based on a simple idea: sales doesn’t have to be dry, manipulative work. It can invite connection with your leads and among your sales team members. TurnON Tracker is made to help your team celebrate its successes and keep the joy flowing.

In other words, TurnON Tracker is built to generate revenue-increasing turn on and enthusiasm both within your sales team and with leads.

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It makes you feel good

You’ll know how to use TurnON Tracker right away. We’ve made it so that all of your most-used tasks are single-click tasks. You don’t have to dig to find what you want.

TurnON Tracker’s interface looks friendly and welcoming. The search feature makes it fun and easy to find just the specific leads you want to track.

The search results are easy-to-view, organized beautifully, and immediately provide you with the contact information for the leads you’re after.

You don’t have to be a geek to connect with your customers. TurnON Tracker is just as easy to use as familiar tools like Facebook and Gmail!

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